Why Theme Is Important For An Event?

What theme means?

: the main subject that is being discussed or described in a piece of writing, a movie, etc.

: a particular subject or issue that is discussed often or repeatedly.

: the particular subject or idea on which the style of something (such as a party or room) is based..

How do you develop an event theme?

One of the first things you’ll have to decide is the theme you want for your event.Create and Review Your Event Goals. … Consider the Nature of the Event. … Consider Your Audience. … Develop a Tagline. … Get Inspiration. … Be Ready to Commit.

What is event concept?

By definition, an event concept is the event details and elements that make up the practical aspects of the event itself. … Tying it all together: Event designers spend more time dreaming up the general event theme while event stylists focus on the event concept (i.e. bringing the theme to life).

What is the theme of the event?

When planning an event, one of the first things you need to decide on is the event theme. A theme is the overarching idea or concept behind your event, that not only gives the event structure, but can inspire guests and reinforce your event message and key takeaways.

What are the 3 types of events?

Events can be classified on the basis of their size, type and context (event education, 2013). There are three main categories which events go under. These events are private, corporate and charity which are explained below.

What are the benefits of events?

Read on for the top five benefits of hosting more events.Generate awareness. Hosting events helps your brand gain exposure. … Build brand equity. There is great value in building brand equity. … Interact with your customers. … Expand your reach. … Drive revenue.

What is a good theme for a party?

32 Party theme ideas perfect for your next celebration!Alice in Wonderland Theme. … 70′s disco, 80′s retro, or 90′s pop theme. … Arabian Nights Theme. … Black and White Ball Theme. … Bond 007 Theme. … Bollywood Theme. … Burlesque Theme. … Casino & Vegas Theme.More items…

What are the 5 C’s of event management?

The process of planning an event from start to finish may be divided into 5 basic phases, which we have called the 5 Cs. These are Concept, Coordination, Control, Culmination and Closeout.

What is an example of a theme?

Examples. Some common themes in literature are “love,” “war,” “revenge,” “betrayal,” “patriotism,” “grace,” “isolation,” “motherhood,” “forgiveness,” “wartime loss,” “treachery,” “rich versus poor,” “appearance versus reality,” and “help from other-worldly powers.”

How do you add a theme to an event?

Here are eight easy steps to incorporate a cohesive theme into an event….Weaving in a meaningful event theme is an effective way to deliver a message.Planning. … Invitation. … Social Media. … Decor. … Activities. … Food and Beverage. … Music. … Post-event Communication.

How do you choose a theme?

When choosing the most appropriate theme, consider these five simple things:Aim At Simplicity. … Give Priority To Responsiveness. … Direct Attention To Browser Compatibility. … Consider Plugins You’re Using. … Make Sure You Get Good Support. … Conclusion.

Why is an event important?

Events are important because they allow for a more intimate and engaging experience with your audience which ultimately leaves a lasting impression and one that is more memorable than a passive viewing of a more traditional form of advertising.

What is the deciding factor for an event theme?

The more elements you can include your theme in, the stronger and more memorable it will be. Quirky invitations, decor, and food are also more likely to get shared on social media. Here are some of the things your theme could influence.

What is the importance of event evaluation?

The fundamental purpose of event evaluation is to identify positive and negative practices with a view to improving future performance, whether this is in terms of financial performance, environmental impacts or the overall operation of the event.

How do you organize an event?

The Top Ten Steps to Plan Any EventDevelop Your Event Goal and Objectives.Organize Your Team.Establish Your Budget.Create an Event Master Plan.Set the Date.Book Your Venue.Brand Your Event.Identify and Establish Partnerships & Sponsors.More items…