Which Is More Stable White Or Red Phosphorus?

Which allotrope of phosphorus is more reactive and why?

White phosphorusWhite phosphorus is most reactive of all the allotropes of phosphorus because it is unstable due to the angular strain on P4 molecule with the bond angle of 60°..

Is red phosphorus illegal?

Iodine/red phosphorus. The principal chemicals are ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, iodine, and red phosphorus. … However, it is illegal to import, export, purchase, or sell iodine crystals in the United States if they are used or intended to be used in the production of methamphetamine.

Why is phosphorus p4 and not p?

1 Answer. Due to larger atomic size P is unable to form pi bonds and so it is tetra-atomic in which each P atom is linked with 3 other P atoms by 3 sigma bond. But, due to smaller atomic size N forms 1 sigma and 2 pi bonds i.e. triple bonds with other N atom and exists as diatomic molecule.

Which phosphorus is more stable?

black phosphorusOf all the three allotropes, black phosphorus is the most stable. It has a layered structure and is a highly polymerized form of phosphorus.

Why is red phosphorus more stable?

Red Phosphorus has more atoms linked together in a network than white phosphorus does, which makes it much more stable. It is not quite as flammable, but given enough energy it still reacts with air. For this reason, we now use red phosphorus in matches.

Why is white phosphorus more reactive?

White phosphorus is made up of discrete P4 tetrahedra which are subjected to very high angular strain as the angles is 60 degrees. Red phosphorus is a polymer of P4 tetrahedra, which has much less angular strain. This high angular strain makes white phosphorus unstable and highly reactive.