What Kind Of Site Is StumbleUpon?

How much did StumbleUpon sell for?

As we expected earlier today, eBay has confirmed an all cash $75 million acquisition of social discovery service StumbleUpon..

How do I find cool websites?

Cool Websites To Discover Other Cool WebsitesReddit. In what is considered The Front Page of the internet by the community, Reddit boasts one of the most highly trafficked properties online today. … Digg. The Digg of today is much different than the Digg of yesteryear. … 5000 Best. 5000 Best is a cool website. … Pinterest. … More of It. … Similar Sites. … The Internet Map. … Blekko.More items…

How does mix work?

Creating a collection on Mix allows you to collect articles, videos, and web pages you like about specific interests or topics. When you add to your collections, your content is shared with friends and made discoverable to others on Mix who share similar interests.

Where did StumbleUpon go?

All StumbleUpon accounts will be moved over to Mix.com. Some 40 million users, including myself, may have fond memories of stumbling through the internet by incessantly clicking the “Stumble” button — which you could add as an extension on the Firefox web browser.

Does StumbleUpon still exist?

After launching in 2002, website discovery platform StumbleUpon is shutting down on June 30. … Over its existence, the service racked up 60 billion stumbles for 40 million users, cofounder Garrett Camp wrote in a Medium post this week.

When was StumbleUpon created?

2001, Calgary, CanadaStumbleUpon/Founded

Why did StumbleUpon shut down?

Native mobile StumbleUpon apps existed for Windows, iOS, Android, and the Amazon Appstore (now part of Social One). On June 30, 2018, StumbleUpon was shut down in favor of a new discovery platform called Mix.

How do I use StumbleUpon?

To use StumbleUpon, you need to set up an account. Go to StumbleUpon.com, and click “Join for free” at the top right corner. Once logged in, you have options to set up a profile, link social accounts on Twitter or Facebook, and name your favorite topic areas.

Is mix better than StumbleUpon?

Users of StumbleUpon were pushed to its replacement; Mix. Apart from having an option to import all your interests and tags from the original site, Mix has a better interface and is more organized than its predecessor StumbleUpon. … The new site works a bit like Pinterest where you organize your posts based on the topic.

What means stumble?

verb (used without object), stum·bled, stum·bling. to walk or go unsteadily: to stumble down a dark passage. to make a slip, mistake, or blunder, especially a sinful one: to stumble over a question; to stumble and fall from grace.

Are there any websites like StumbleUpon?

These 8 sites like StumbleUpon should help you get started.Mix. Mix.com is StumbleUpon’s new website that aims to help you curate the best content online. … Reddit. … Pinterest. … Pearltrees. … Pinboard. … NextStories. … Discuvver. … Instapaper.