What Is The Last Rank For IFS?

What rank should I get for IFS?

UPSC rank wise post 2017ServiceLast Rank (General Category)IFS152IAS105IPS245IRS (IT)3291 more row.

Which optional is best for IFS?

List of Optional Subjects for IFS Main Exam:Agriculture.Agricultural Engineering.Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science.Botany.Chemistry.Chemical Engineering.Civil Engineering.Forestry.More items…

What should I study for IFS?

Indian Forest Service (IFS) Exam Preparation Tips Study thoroughly through text books and practice writing model answers. Get hold of previous years’ question papers and try formulating correct and precise answers. You have to be proficient in English, as the questions are set and to be answered only in ENGLISH.

How many IFS officers are selected every year?

In recent years, the intake into the Indian Foreign Service has averaged between 30-35 persons annually. The present cadre strength of the service stands at approximately 850 officers manning around 193 Indian missions and posts abroad and the various posts in the Ministry at home.

Can a judge have a tattoo?

You have to operate in the whole court and you don’t know what idiot clerk or court officer will have an issue with a tattoo. It’s fine so long as long sleeves will cover ’em up.

Are tattoos allowed in army?

Tattoos are not allowed on the sleeves, the legs and arms of the soldiers. The tattoo must not be visible on any part of the body of the soldier that is exposed while wearing any of the military uniforms. The army bans having a tattoo on the head, neck, and face. … Tattoos below the wrist bone are allowed.

How is life of IFS officer?

Each IFS officer learns one foreign language before he/she is confirmed into the service. This training is provided in the country where the language is spoken. … The Foreign Service Institute in Delhi has some training courses for young inductees on diplomatic etiquette etc. but it is quite basic.

Which is better IFS or IPS?

IFS officers also do not have to worry about meddling politicians like their IAS/IPS counterparts do. And, they have diplomatic immunity in most matters when posted abroad. The IFS officer salary structure is also higher than the IAS officer salary structure due to higher allowances.

Is IFS exam difficult?

Cracking the Indian Forest Service exam is a tough as cracking the civil service exam. Requires a lot of systematic studying, hard work, preparing notes etc. It is slightly different than the civil service exam because of the optional subjects you have to choose. … Almost 12 lakh candidates apply for civil service exam.

Do IFS officers get bodyguards?

At initial levels IFS officers do not get bodyguards, as they are new to the service. 3rd secretary are basically language trainee who are not confirmed in the service yet. … Ambassador or counsellor or minister might get some bodyguards.

What is the salary of IFS officer?

The overall IFS salary is around 60,000 per month including all the benefits and allowances. But this salary differs based on the candidates posting, that is if the selected candidate got his/her posting in foreign countries then he/she may receive a salary of 2.40 lakhs under special foreign allowance.

At what age Anu Kumari become IAS?

31 YearsAnu Kumari (UPSC/IAS Topper 2017) Age, Caste, Husband, Biography & MoreBio/WikiPersonal LifeDate of Birth18 November 1986Age (as in 2017)31 YearsBirthplaceSonepat, Haryana, India18 more rows

Is Tattoo allowed in Ifs?

Yes, tattoo is allowed in some government job but in many jobs it is prohibited. Tattoo is prohibited In Jobs like IAS, IPS, IFS, Indian defence service, army, Navy and Airforce. Tattoo is allowed in some government jobs like Clerk and provisionary officers in banks, Engineering services, PWD department.

Can IFS officer settle abroad?

Yes, they can, provided they resign or retire from the Service. A serving IFS officer cannot permanently settle abroad.

Which language is best for IFS?

NEW DELHI: Queen’s English is such a foreign language that two batches of IFS probationers are to undergo English language training. Probationers are likely to be sent to the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) in Hyderabad for English courses.