What Is The Best NHL Record Ever?

What is the best start in NHL history?

The best start by a team in NHL history is by the Ottawa Senators (Canada) with 26 points in the first 14 games of the 2007-08 season.

The Senators started the season with a 13-1 record..

Who has the most wins in hockey?

Martin BrodeurMartin Brodeur is the all-time leader with 691 career regular season victories. He set the NHL record for wins on March 17, 2009, when he broke Patrick Roy’s record of 551 wins.

Has any NBA team go 82 0?

Out of these four teams, the Warriors were the only ones to have the best overall season and lose in the NBA Finals.

Who hasn’t won a Stanley Cup?

Stanley Cup droughtsTeamLast Stanley CupStanley Cup droughtBuffalo Sabresnever (inception of franchise in 1970–71)49 seasonsVancouver Canucksnever (inception of franchise in 1970–71)49 seasonsPhiladelphia Flyers1974–7544 seasonsArizona Coyotesnever (franchise entered the NHL in 1979–80)40 seasons127 more rows

Who is the best NHL goalie of all time?

The top 5 goalies of all-timePatrick Roy.Martin Brodeur. Martin Brodeur. … Terry Sawchuk. He’s in the top five in wins, and I put him No. … Jacques Plante. His numbers are right up there with the best. … Glen Hall. Glenn Hall won 406 NHL games, taking Calder, Vezina, and Conn Smythe trophies along the way to go with two Stanley Cups as a player. (

Has any NHL team ever had a perfect season?

1976-77 Montreal Canadiens The 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens are considered the best team in modern NHL history. They played 80 games that season and only lost eight of them while outscoring opponents 387-171.

What is the least amount of shots in an NHL game?

TORONTO (AP) — The Toronto Maple Leafs tied a franchise record for fewest shots allowed in a game, and scored three times in the third period of a 4-0 victory over the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday night.

Has any NHL team gone undefeated?

The longest undefeated run for a team in an NHL season is 35 games, comprising 25 wins and ten ties, and was established by the Philadelphia Flyers from 14 Oct 1979 to 6 Jan 1980.

Who won most Stanley Cup?

St. Louis BluesStanley Cup Finals/Current champions

Has an NHL team ever went 16 0 in the playoffs?

No championship team has ever swept three rounds of playoffs, but the 1968 and 1976 Canadiens each came the closest with 12-1 playoff records. … Four teams have managed to pull off 16-4 records en route to a cup win: 1993 Habs, 1995 Devils, 1997 Wings and 2012 Kings.

Who is the best NHL player now?

NHL Network reveals best of current cropVictor Hedman, D, Tampa Bay Lightning.Aleksander Barkov, C, Florida Panthers.Brad Marchand, LW, Boston Bruins.Alex Ovechkin, LW, Washington Capitals.Patrick Kane, RW, Chicago Blackhawks.Nathan MacKinnon, C, Colorado Avalanche.Sidney Crosby, C, Pittsburgh Penguins.More items…

Who has never won a Stanley Cup?

In Summary: Here are the 11 NHL teams that have never won the Stanley Cup.Buffalo Sabres.Vancouver Canucks.San Jose Sharks.Florida Panthers.Arizona Coyotes.Nashville Predators.Winnipeg Jets.Minnesota Wild.More items…•

Geography. The least popular teams in the NHL are largely expansion teams situated in the sun-belt of the southern US states; the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Coyotes being prime examples.

Who was the oldest player in the NHL?

Gordie HoweThe oldest player in NHL history is Gordie Howe (Canada, b. 31 March 1928) who was 52 years old when he retired in 1980. The second-oldest player to appear in an NHL game is the currently active Detroit Red Wings (USA) defenseman Chris Chelios (USA, b.

Who is the winningest goalie in NHL history?

Martin BrodeurNHL History – Goalie Wins LeadersGoalie Wins LeadersRKPLAYERW1Martin Brodeur6912Patrick Roy5513Roberto Luongo4897 more rows

Whats the worst record in NHL history?

Let’s break it down.Honorable Mention: 1937-38 Chicago Blackhawks. Mar 23, 2017; 1938 Stanley Cup banner (Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports) … #5: 1980-81 Winnipeg Jets. … #4: 1975-76 Kansas City Scouts. … #3: 1992-93 San Jose Sharks. … #2: 1992-93 Ottawa Senators. … #1: 1974-75 Washington Capitals.

What is the best record in NHL history?

The same year the Chicago Bulls set the NBA record with wins in a season, the 1995-’96 Detroit Red Wings broke the NHL’s single-season record with 62 wins (record: 62–13–7).