What Does M10x1 25 Mean?

What does m12x1 25 mean?

M12 x 25 = 12 mm diameter, coarse thread is assumed (1.75 mm), 25 mm long.

M12 is a matching coarse threaded nut..

What does m8 1.25 mean?

For metric fasteners, you will see a M8 x 1.25 or an M8 x 1. For thread pitch, the distance between two points is the second number meaning the higher the number the fewer threads there are. This means the M8 x 1.25 is the coarse threading and the M8 x 1 is the fine thread.

Does m12 mean 12mm?

Yes. M12 is a 12mm diameter thread. You have to be sure the thread pitch measured in threads per millimeter (1.5 here) is the same as what u need.

How can you tell if a bolt is metric?

Telling the difference between a metric and imperial bolt is easy. If the bolt has lines on the head its standard or imperial. If the bolt has numbers on the head then its metric. These markings indicate how strong the bolt is they call this tensile strength.

Are m10 and 3/8 the same?

Since 10 mm is bigger than 3/8″, the simple answer is, “NO”. But you CAN drill the hole out to either 25/64″ (for 3/8-24) or letter “X” (. 397″)( for 3/8-16), and tap for a Helicoil.

What size head is a m8 bolt?

Nominal SizeThrd Dia.Thread LengthM6 x 16.00007, 9, 13, 17, 22, 24, 27M8 x 1.258.00008.25, 12.25, 16.25 to 31.25 by 5, 28M10 x 1.510.000011.5, 15.5 to 35.5 by 5, 32M12 x 1.7512.000014.75 to 44.75 by 5, 3611 more rows

How do you read bolt sizes?

How to Read Screw SizesRead the first letter of the size. This the largest diameter: the measurement of the screw on the thread. … Read the second number. This is either the number of threads per unit of the distance between threads; also known as the “thread pitch”. … Read the third number, generally the one following the “x.”

Is m8 bolt 8mm?

Not a clear question, as an M8 bolt is a metric bolt in both its thread diameter and pitch, and also its hexagonal head. … The “M8” refers to an approximation of the major diameter of the thread of 8mm – actually slightly less, like 7.9, as the sharp edges are rounded off.

What does M stand for in m8 bolt?

ISO screw threadA metric ISO screw thread is designated by the letter M followed by the value of the nominal diameter D (the maximum thread diameter) and the pitch P, both expressed in millimetres and separated by the hyphen sign, – (e.g., M8-1.25).

What does m8x30 mean?

M8x30 just means it is an metric 8mm thread that is 30mm long. There are other factors too. Thread pitch and the strength rating of the bolt can be different. Also the type of bolt, such as socket head, hex head, flanged head, internal washer, self tapping, steel, stainless, etc… are identified by a DIN number.

How many mm is 9 16?

Conversion Table inches to mmDimensions — Inches to Metric0.438”7/16”11.13 mm0.500”1/2”12.70 mm0.563”9/16”14.30 mm0.625”5/8”15.88 mm21 more rows

What is the closest metric size to 3 8?

Standard / Metric Wrench Conversion ChartBolt DiameterStandardMetric1/4″7/16″11mm5/16″1/2″13mm3/8″9/16″14mm7/16″5/8″16mm39 more rows

What does m10 mean?

means a 10M10 means a 10 millimeter outer diameter for the bolt or whatever piece it is; M12 means 12 millimeters. The part after the ‘x’ is the pitch — how many mm a thread is wide. To figure out which you have, you can measure the existing part with calipers and a thread gauge.

What is m10 thread size?

Tap sizeBasic major dia (mm)Basic major dia (inch)M6 x 16mm.2362M8 x 1.258mm.3150M8 x 18mm.3150M10 x 1.510mm.393724 more rows

Is m10 same as 10mm?

31496″) The M10, about 10 mm in diameter, (. 3937″) and the M12 about 12 mm in diameter, (. 4724″). The “M” designates the bolt is Metric and the number after the M indicates the size.