Quick Answer: Why Did Walter White Let Jane Die?

Why did Jane die in breaking bad?

Jane died of a Heroin overdose while living with Jesse when the two began using the drug, which Walt witnessed, but refused to intervene in.

Her death ultimately played a role in the crash of Wayfarer 515, as her father was unable to properly do his job due to his grief over his loss..

Why Walter did not save Jane?

Walt didn’t just let Jane die because it was good for his business. He wants Jesse as a partner but also doesn’t want him to die. Jesse had been doing drugs on and off for the whole series and you can reasonably label him as an addict.

What episode does Walt let Jane die?

Phoenix (Breaking Bad)”Phoenix”Breaking Bad episodeWalt watches Jane overdose on heroin and choke to death. This scene is considered an important plot point for Walt’s character development, as noted below.Episode no.Season 2 Episode 12Directed byColin Bucksey12 more rows

Is Walter Junior disabled in real life?

Walt Junior has cerebral palsy in real life The actor who plays Walt Jr, RJ Mitte, does in fact have cerebral palsy just like his on-screen character. However, Mitte’s case is relatively mild compared to Junior’s, so he had to learn to walk convincingly on crutches and change his speech for the part.

Does Walt kill Jane?

Walt was totally responsible for the death of Jane. If you recall, Jane choked to death on her own vomit after she and Jesse did heroin the night before.

Did Walt wanna die?

But he never wanted to die, he knew he was going to die, but he never purposefully wanted to kill himself, his basic plan was to make good enough money, and then surrender to his situation, which was inevitable. Jesse’s revelation at the end of the Breaking Bad episode Confessions still doesn’t make sense.

Why did Walt not kill Jesse?

Because Walt didn’t want to kill Jesse. Walt never wanted to kill Jesse. Walt has been saving Jesse ever since season 1/2. … In fact, he saved Jesse from himself by letting Jane die. Walt cared about Jesse, and that’s why he came back to rescue him before he killed all the others.

Why did Walt cry when Jane died?

He cried because that’s what compassionate people are supposed to do. I don’t believe for one second those tears were anything other than him lying to himself about how he felt in that moment. He felt no remorse for anyone who stood in his way. He knew he’d passed the point of no return.

Why did Walt leave Gretchen?

In 2016, Vince Gilligan finally revealed the true reason for why Walter left Gray Matter. He revealed that Walt left Gretchen and Gray Matter because he felt inferior to her and her wealthy family, thus confirming that his ego and pride were the reasons why.

Who died from breaking bad in real life?

Robert ForsterRobert Forster, who’s known for his roles in Jackie Brown and Breaking Bad, has died at the age of 78. The Oscar-nominated actor passed away at his home in Los Angeles yesterday (October 11) following a battle with brain cancer, his publicist confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Why did Walter kill Lydia?

Long story short, Walt killed Lydia to protect Skyler and the kids. She was presumably the only Madrigal employee still working on the meth operation.

Why is Jesse Pinkman so depressed?

Jesse was really JUST getting over killing gale around mid to late season 4, when he started getting put on jobs with mike. … So Jesse is wracked with guilt, alone, and depressed.