Quick Answer: What Is The Fastest Way To Scroll To The Top Of Messages On IPhone?

How can I see my old direct messages on Instagram without scrolling?

In Android there’s no way to do this….Goto Instagram setting page, click ‘Privacy and security’Then scroll down to see an option which says ‘Request download’Then enter your email and password and IG will send you a file within 48h..

Is there an easy way to scroll to top of iMessage?

From anywhere in a Messages thread on your pre-X model iPhone – whether you’re at the bottom of the thread or halfway through it – all you have to do is tap the top of the screen once to be instantly transported back to the top of the page and read your old text messages.

How can I see the first message on my iPhone without scrolling?

Get to the top of any Conversation Tapping anywhere on the bar would work just fine, but the easiest way would be to tap in the middle where the clock is. If you have an iPhone X or above, the ones with a “notch” in the display, you can tap at the notch instead, or a tap on either side of the notch would work too.

How do you go to the very first message on Imessage?

Yes, simply open the conversation and tap on the status bar (or notch in case of iPhone X). The conversation will be quickly scrolled up to the beginning.

Is there a faster way to look at old text messages on iPhone?

The Fastest Way to View Old Messages on iPhone and iPad. … This means you can browse through very old messages on any iPhone or iPad if necessary, just by opening the Messages app of iOS, choosing a message thread, and scrolling up to view older and older messages through that particular chat history.

Is there a way to scroll to the first message on Instagram?

In Android there’s no way to do this. … In Android there’s no way to do this. You have to manually scroll up to go to the top of the conversation with any individual and i feel this is the feature that lacks on Instagram.

How do you get all the way to the top of messages on Instagram without scrolling?

There is no direct way to scroll quickly to the top in Instagram Direct Messages (DMs). Fortunately, you can read your Instagram messages right from the start. For that, you will need to download Instagram data, which is in the JSON format and convert the JSON messages into a readable format.

How do I scroll back to first message on iPhone?

Answer: A: Answer: A: Not really a complete answer, but if you tap the “time” at the very top of the screen, the message will quickly move to the top of the current set of messages. Then you do need to tap the “load more messages”.

How do you go to the beginning of a conversation on Messenger?

Use your mobile browser to open facebook. Choose the person whose message you want to read. select the “load older messages” link and open it in a new tab. In the new tab, select the address bar and change the value after “start” to the highest number of messages you have sent+ received with that person.

How do you go to the beginning of an Instagram conversation?

Find the participant whose messages you want to read from the start. Once you have found the right person, right-click on the conversation option and select Expand all from the menu. All the items under conversations will open up. Scroll down and you will be able to check the first message.

How can you look at old iMessages?

To find old iMessages:Open Messages. … Drag your finger downwards across the middle of your screen to reveal a search bar. … Tap the Search Bar and type in keywords from the message, or the name of someone in the conversation. … Tap Search. … Select the message you were looking for to go to the conversation.