Quick Answer: How Do I Return An Ikea Dresser Recall?

Do I need a receipt for a recall?

Even though your product appears to be safe, we are asking all customers to stop using the product immediately and participate in the recall by returning the product to us for a free repair, free replacement or full refund).

It is illegal to sell a recalled product.

You can still return the product without a receipt..

Is Ikea discontinuing Malm?

Ikea discontinued sales of the Malm furniture line in 2016, when the first toddler deaths were reported.

Is Ikea shutting down?

“As a precautionary measure against the ongoing risk of Covid-19, we have decided that, at 6pm on Friday 20th March, we will temporarily close all the IKEA stores across the UK and Ireland to customers.”

Why do Ikea returns take so long?

Originally Answered: Why do returns take so long at Ikea? The return lines get tied up by a few things. Two of the biggest are customers without receipts and large kitchen returns. … The other no receipt issue is that the customer wants cash and not a store credit card and gets nasty about it.

Is Ikea accepting returns during Covid?

4) Are reopened store locations accepting returns? To avoid long wait times, IKEA encourages customers to take advantage of its 365-day return policy and return or exchange products at a later time. If your receipt has expired or is expiring soon, we will take our closing period into consideration.

Are IKEA Malm dressers safe now?

The company insisted its Malm units meet all mandatory requirements in every country they are sold. It also says the dressers are safe if they are anchored to a wall. … “IKEA chests of drawers are safe when anchored to the wall, as per the assembly instructions using the tip over restraint provided with the product.

Do you have to attach Ikea dressers to the wall?

Secure it! Furniture must be securely attached to the wall. Use the tip-over restraint provided with the product and the right hardware for your wall type. Consult our wall anchoring guide for help.

How do I return a large item to IKEA?

You can return the whole or part of your order to any IKEA Store or Order and Collection Point. Please take your Order Confirmation email, delivery receipt and the payment card with which you paid for the product(s).

Is Ikea furniture safe?

There is no need to worry. Customers should always feel confident that products bought at IKEA are safe and healthy to use. IKEA products must not contain any harmful chemical substances. … IKEA works precautionary and has phased out several chemicals that could potentially be harmful, often ahead of legislation.

Can you get replacement parts at IKEA?

Finally, IKEA carries replacement parts for broken pieces. You probably can affordably replace whichever component you manhandled into four pieces.

What’s the difference between IKEA Malm and Kullen?

The Kullen is simply the cheaper version. It’s a little smaller, the materials used are cheaper, and the drawers have plastic slides compared the metal wheel/slides on Malm. It’s fine and a great price, but it’s cheap. Malm will definitely last longer.

Can I return IKEA furniture that has been assembled?

If you’re not totally satisfied with your IKEA purchase you can return your products within 365 days, even if you assembled them, as long as they’re in an unused. Please return them with proof of purchase (original receipt) and, if possible, the packaging.

What to do if you have a recalled product?

Acting on a recallidentify the product being recalled.explain the problem or risk if it’s a safety recall.set out the remedy on offer.explain what you need to do to get the remedy.give contact details for the business.

Can I still return Ikea dresser?

Consumers are entitled to a full refund for chests and dressers manufactured between January 2002 and June 2016. Consumers with chests and dressers manufactured prior to January 2002 will be eligible for a partial store credit. Consumers can order a free wall-anchoring repair kit.

Will Ikea pick up recalled dresser?

Consumers who own a recalled dresser can request a free anchoring kit from Ikea or return it, in most cases for a full refund. Ikea will pick up the dressers from buyers’ homes.

Why does IKEA furniture need to be fixed to the wall?

MOST of us have at least one piece of Ikea furniture in our houses – whether just a shelf, a whole bookcase or bulky chest of drawers. … Ikea issued a safety warning, instructing all buyers to attach Malm chests to the wall to avoid other such accidents.

Do recalls cost money?

The thing to remember is this: It won’t cost you anything except time. The automaker is obliged to pay all of the costs of the recall repair. (And don’t worry that the dealer will consider it a hassle.

What does IKEA do with returned furniture?

The Swedish furniture giant announced the move on Monday, saying the buy back scheme is a way to stop furniture becoming unnecessary waste. Under the scheme, buyers bring back their used IKEA furniture in exchange for a refund card, with the furniture then resold. The furniture isn’t required to be disassembled either.

Do I need to disassemble Ikea furniture to return?

Do I need to disassemble Ikea furniture to return it? You don’t need to disassemble the furniture before returning it at Ikea. Bring in the items as they are, and make sure you bring all the remaining pieces (and the box as well if you still have it).

Can I return IKEA furniture without receipt?

Do I Need My IKEA Receipt to Return Items? No, you don’t need your receipt. If you don’t have your receipt, IKEA can use any of the following methods to find your purchase: Credit or debit card, gift card number, or an order number (if applicable).

Does Ikea give refunds?

If you’re not totally satisfied with your IKEA purchase you can return it within 365 days, together with proof of purchase, for a full refund.