Question: Who Cries Most In BTS?

Is Jungkook a billionaire?

Yes, billion.

Though BTS is successful and rich as a group, each individual member has their own personal brand that makes each of them filthy rich individually.

One member with a crazy net worth is Jeon Jungkook, simply known by his stage name Jungkook..

Why are BTS so touchy?

It’s because of their bond (they’re basically like brothers) and they’ve been living together for 7+ years. Skinship is normal in Korea, and they’re very comfortable together. They hug each other, cuddle and sometimes sleep in the same bed.

Why does Jungkook cry so much?

Jungkook explained the reason he started crying at the end of BTS’s first concert when he thanked the fans was that he can’t control his feelings when he talks. … RM explained that the first time he ever saw Jungkook cry was when Jungkook started talking about how hard it was for him to see his hyungs having a hard time.

Who is most romantic in BTS?

Most romantic BTS member ?Kim Seokjin. 26.2%Min Yoongi. 11.7%Jung Hoseok. 10.7%Kim Namjoon. 11.7%Kim Taehyung. 39.7%

Who is the most sensitive in BTS?

Who Do You Think Is The Most Emotional/Sensitive Member Of BTS?Jimin. 28.0%J-Hope. 44.1%Jungkook. 12.9%V. 7.5%Jin. 7.5%

Who is crybaby in BTS?

BTS’s Jimin Isn’t A Crybaby, But There Is One Thing That Will Always Trigger Him. And it gets him every time. BTS’s Jimin often gets teased by his fellow members and his fans for tearing up so easily on stage whenever he is on stage.

Who earn the most in BTS?

At $12 million, J-Hope is the member of the group with the highest net worth. In addition to the money he makes with BTS, his solo mixtape Hope World, topped global charts making him lots of money along the way. Leader of the band, RM, earns a lot of cash for his talent at writing songs.