Question: How About U Means?

What is meaning of yourself?

Word forms: plural yourselves language note: Yourself is the second person reflexive pronoun.

Yourself is used when the object of a verb or preposition refers to the same person as the subject of the verb.

Have the courage to be honest with yourself and about yourself..

Can you say you is?

Strictly speaking, if you’re using the singular form of “you,” it should require “is” and not “are.” But the correct usage is “are” for both the singular and plural forms of “you.”

What does U mean in Python?

The ‘u’ in front of the string values means the string is a Unicode string. Unicode is a way to represent more characters than normal ASCII can manage.

How do u answer?

The most common answer that I hear and say is “Good.” It’s a positive, polite and common response. You might not actually be feeling too good when you answer “Good,” but for an acquaintance or stranger it’s a normal answer to give. Saying “Good” is grammatically correct if you mean that you’re happy and pleasant!

What is How’s about?

1 —used to make a suggestion or an offerHow’s about some more pie? 2 —used to ask someone to give or lend one somethingHow’s about a couple of bucks to tide me over till payday?

How are you in another word?

What is another word for how are you?hellogreetingshalloholasalutationsshalomsupyohowdy-dohowzit19 more rows

How do you use about?

‘About’ can be used as a preposition to mean ‘on the subject of’ or ‘concerning’, such as in:We talked about her new job.The lights were scattered about the room.He concealed a knife about his person.There’s a lot of flu about at the moment.It cost about five pounds.More items…

What does the * mean in texting?

The asterisk can be used like this because sometimes you send a message and you can’t edit it, so it’s pretty handy when texting 🙂 Just type out the word you meant and stick an asterisk after it :P.

What is the meaning of How about you?

—used to ask someone to tell one something in response to what one has just saidI like skiing and hiking.

How about you is correct?

This would thus work better in a more colloquial setting like between friends. However, it can work as a very short phrase: “Yourself?” “How about you?” is grammatically correct and works in both formal and informal settings.

What about you meaning in English answer?

Many times, you need to refer to the previous conversation in order to answer the question. Other times, you need to guess what the other person is talking about. For example, you friend comes to you and says, “I’ve passed the exam. What about you?”.

What is the mean of U?

YouThe Meaning of U U means “You” So now you know – U means “You” – don’t thank us. YW! What does U mean? U is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the U definition is given.

What is mean by a person?

A person (plural people or persons) is a being that has certain capacities or attributes such as reason, morality, consciousness or self-consciousness, and being a part of a culturally established form of social relations such as kinship, ownership of property, or legal responsibility. …

What is mean answer?

noun. a spoken or written reply or response to a question, request, letter, etc.: He sent an answer to my letter promptly. a correct response to a question asked to test one’s knowledge.

What means appear?

verb (used without object) to come into sight; become visible: A man suddenly appeared in the doorway. to have the appearance of being; seem; look: to appear wise. to be obvious or easily perceived; be clear or made clear by evidence: It appears to me that you are right.

What’s up best reply?

The most common answer to what’s up is “I am fine, thank you, what about you?” The person who is asking this is enquiring about your well being at that very moment.

How about it means?

—used to ask if someone will do somethingWell, how about it, are you coming?

How about you vs What about you?

requests a statement about you in general, while ‘How about you?’ requests a response about your manner, means, or condition.”

How u doing or how are u doing?

“How are you?” is a bland greeting for someone you haven’t seen for a while, while “How are you doing?” spoken in full (as opposed to being shortened to “Howyadoin?”) may be an actual inquiry. The latter is more common when there is some expectation that the subject might not be doing well.

What does R mean?

registered trademark symbolIf you’ve ever noticed the small “R” in a circle that appears to the right of a logo, symbol or phrase, you’ve seen the registered trademark symbol. This symbol is legally stating that the mark has been registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Is How’s you correct?

Is “How’s you?” grammatically correct? No, it is not. The correct version, as of the year 2019, is “How are you.” The reason for this is that the word “you” is always grammatically treated as if it were a plural, even though the word “you” in fact sometimes functions as plural and sometimes functions as singular.