Question: Can I File RTI Against Police?

How many times RTI can be filed?

I being citizen of this land resident of Mumbai city strongly say that illegal order passed by Information Commissioner against RTI-applicant because it has violated constitutional right to freedom to speech, under section 3 of RTI act, each Citizen has fundamental right to get information, there is no limit set-up per ….

Is ID proof required for RTI application?

Is identity proof required at the RTI application stage? Nothing in the RTI Act passed by Parliament or the RTI Rules notified by the Central Government or most of the State Governments require an applicant to submit proof of identity or address along with the RTI application.

How can I apply for RTI offline?

RTI filing offline Address the application to the concerned state or central Public Information Officer and mention on ‘Seeking information under the RTI Act – 2005’ in the subject line. Put the request in the form of a detailed and specific question mentioning the year or period the plea falls in.

How much time does it take for RTI?

within 30 daysRTI act guarantees that the PIO should respond to an application within 30 days. However in some cases, users never get the information sought. In scenarios where the information was not provided you can file for first appeal.

Does Supreme Court comes under RTI?

The Supreme Court on Wednesday held that the office of the Chief Justice of India is a public authority and falls within the ambit of the Right to Information Act (RTI).

Can we file RTI in court?

Whether I am eligible to file an RTI application for judicial records in court? Answer: Legally speaking, information relating to “judicial records” is not excluded from the information which is required to be provided under the Right to Information Act, 2005.

How can I file RTI against university?

Guidelines for filing RTI Application Form By filing RTI application, the student can obtain copy of his own evaluated answer sheet from the university within the Record Retention period. Student can seek this information directly from the PIO of the University.

Who is covered under RTI Act?

Under the provisions of the act any citizen of India may request information from a public authority, be it a body of Government or instrumentality of state, expeditiously or within 30 days.

Can we ask questions in RTI?

If we combinedly read sub-section (f) and (j) of section (2) of RTI Act, it means that we can ask questions under RTI if the answer to the question is available in record of public authority or in other records which is under the control of the public authority.

How can I file RTI against post office?

Remember that you may not be able to file your RTI in each post office. You need to ask the post office headquarters of your village/ town/ city to find out in which branch the assistant central public information officer (ACPIO) has been designated under the RTI Act.

Can RTI be filed against police?

Police do not usually encourage citizens asking to know their filed FIR status. So, RTI for FIR can be filed, and then status can be checked for the recorded FIR.

What happens if RTI is not answered in 30 days?

In such a case, you are required to file your appeal in physical mode to the concerned public authority. 2) Another case can be if your RTI application has not been replied to by CPIO and 30 days period has not lapsed. In such a case, you may file first appeal only after completion of stipulated time period of 30 days.

Is PM National Relief Fund under RTI?

While your answer may be an unequivocal yes, the fact is that PMNRF does not come under the ambit of the RTI Act. … The Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund website states that, “The PMNRF accepts only voluntary contributions by individuals and institutions.

How can I file RTI for land records?

Using to file an application in case of Land Disputes:Fill the form, in plain English – Click Here to get started.Enter your basic contact details, basic Property details and Submit!Our team of RTI Experts will contact you and understand the complete thing and draft an application on your behalf.More items…•

Is High Court under RTI?

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi did not read out any observations. The Delhi High Court had on Jan 10, 2010, ruled that the CJI’s office was under the ambit of the RTI. Independence of the judiciary was not a privilege but a responsibility cast upon the office, the High Court had ruled.

Can we file RTI against private company?

The RTI Act is not applicable on Private Companies. However, it is specifically mentioned in the Act that the information of private companies can be sought from its regulator if any.

How can we increase RTI?

An applicant who desires to obtain any information under the RTI Act can make a request through this Web Portal to the Ministries/Departments of Government of India. On clicking at “Submit Request”, the applicant has to fill the required details on the page that will appear.

Who can not file RTI?

Subject to the provisions of the Act, the citizens of India can file online application under the Right to Information Act, 2005. NEW DELHI: Non-Resident Indians cannot file RTI applications to seek governance-related information from the central government departments, the Lok Sabha was informed today.

Can RTI be withdrawn?

There is no provision to withdraw an RTI application under RTI Act 2005. I appeal to provide information with documentary proof and take necessary action against CPIO.

How can I write RTI in English?

How to file an RTI ?Step 1: Identify the department you want the information from. … Step 2: On a sheet of white paper, write out the application by hand, or type it, in English, Hindi or the official language of the area. … Step 3: Address the application to the State/Central Public Information Officer.More items…•