How Do I Get Unlimited Data On EE?

Do Ee do unlimited data?

EE now offers unlimited data plans on SIM Only and with Pay Monthly phones.

It comes with 5G data, 50GB roaming allowance in 48 European countries and 1 Swappable Benefit..

How much is it for unlimited data on EE?

You can get unlimited data on EE from £35/month. This will give you a new EE SIM card with an unlimited data allowance. If you’d like a new mobile phone on contract, the cost of your unlimited data plan will depend on the handset you choose.

How can I get free data on EE?

You’ll get a text when it’s time to choose your Free Boost and then you need to:text either BOOST DATA, BOOST MINS or BOOST TEXTS to 150 free from your EE phone.log in to My EE.look in the My EE app.

How do I get more data on EE pay monthly?

log in to My EE. go to Menu > Plan & add-ons. go to Add-on > Buy add-ons. select the add-on you want to buy.

Is it worth getting unlimited data?

If you’re a heavy data user, an unlimited plan can be worth the money. But if you use little data, consider smaller carriers that offer plans for under $20. … On the flip side, if you’re not a heavy data user, then you can take advantage of a multitude of plans that are much cheaper than unlimited data plans.

Who has the best plan for unlimited data?

Best value unlimited plans:Best deal: Metro by T-Mobile unlimited plan for $50 (runs on T-Mobile network)Alternative pick: Visible (runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE network)Best offer: T-Mobile Magenta plan for $70.Alternative pick: Sprint Unlimited Basic plan for $60.Base plan: Verizon Start Unlimited plan for $70.More items…•