How Competitive Is Army OCS?

How long does the Army OCS process take?

Army OCS requirements Qualifying to attend the Army OCS can be an extensive process that may take anywhere from four months to a year.

For all OCS recruits, a minimum of a four-year college degree is required..

What happens after Army OCS?

After OCS, a newly commissioned officer will attend Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC). This is a three-phase training program designed to provide initial military training for junior commissioned and warrant officers in both active and reserve components.

Do you get your phone during OCS?

While you’re in cycle you’re not allowed to have your phone on you during the duty day unless you have an extenuating circumstance (ex: family in hospital) and have permission from cadre. You’ll be able to make calls/text/etc either whenever they release you from final formation, or at personal time at 2100.

Is Army OCS harder than basic?

Is Army OCS Physically harder than basic training? Army Officer Candidate School (OCS) is more challenging compared to Basic Combat Training (BCT). While both training courses push you to the limits in terms of physical fitness, there is more stress on leadership qualities at OCS.

Do you get paid in OCS?

Pay at OCS. … Candidates are paid at the pay grade of E-5 (Sergeant pay grade), “or the highest pay grade achieved if” entering… “directly from current service at a pay grade above E-5.” This means you will be paid at least as an E-5, but current Marines will not get a pay cut.

Can army officers choose their MOS?

Do soldiers/officers get to choose their MOS? Enlisted soldiers get to choose from a list of available MOS’s they qualify for when they sign their enlistment contract. Providing they complete the training for that MOS, they will serve in the one they choose from that list.

What rank are you out of OCS?

Upon completion of either OCS programs, graduates are commissioned as Second Lieutenants (2LT) and then attend the rest of their Basic Officer Leadership courses.

How hard is it to get into OTS?

Getting accepted into OTS is very competitive so preparation is key. In preparation for applying, you will want to get an AFOQT study guide so you can score as high as possible. Be prepared to provide every bit of background info on your life that you could ever imagine.

Which branch is easiest to become an officer?

Army is the next easiest to get into because it is the largest branch, but they are becoming more selective because the army is winding down more (with the wars in the Middle East slowly dieing down).

Does OCS count as time in service?

The general rule is that all enlisted service time counts toward pay and retirement. Cadet/midshipmen time sometimes counts for pay and rarely counts for officer retirement. … You enlist, and then go warrant/ldo/ocs and become an officer. All your time counts, even as an OC for pay and retirement.

Is Army OCS hard to get into?

When Army is short of officers from West Point & ROTC, getting OCS is pretty easy. When West Point & ROTC have plentiful numbers, OCS has fewer classes & candidates. It differs year-to-year. Becoming a US Army officer isn’t easy, but it’s not like applying to Harvard or MIT.

Does GPA matter for Army OCS?

An applicant must have a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) based on a 4.0 system to be considered for the OCS (RA or USAR) enlistment option. This GPA must be listed on the official transcript or veri- fied on the issuing institution’s letterhead by the registrar.

What is the acceptance rate for Army OCS?

College graduate applicants are chosen by a selection board convened by the Army Recruiting Command, and current military personnel are selected by a board convened by the Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM). Once selected, the graduation rate for OCS is over 90 percent.

Can you go straight to OCS?

And by the way, you can’t go to OCS without having a few years of enlisted time under your belt anyway. The only way to go straight into the military as an officer with basically no training is when you already have a bachelor’s degree and are granted a Direct Commission.

Do you get Bah while at OCS?

During OCS, you are on active duty, therefore you will receive BAH. … You will also receive the with dependent rate if your dependent isn’t active duty and they are enrolled in DEERs.

Can you bring your phone to OCS?

Candidates must have their cell phone and car keys in hand when checking in. Military uniforms will be issued that week. … Candidates who bring their own automobiles to OCS may use them on liberty at the staff’s discretion, following a full vehicle inspection.

Do you get weekends off in OCS?

Do you get any time off during OCS? You will have MOST weekends or parts of them off. When you are released for the weekend you must be back by 2100 Sunday, lights out is 2200. Same goes for during the week.

What GPA do you need for OCS?

You must have at least a 2.0 college GPA, or a ‘C’ average, to apply for Marine Corps officer programs. College GPA, though, is only a small part of selection for Marine officer commissioning programs.