Can I Buy A Giffgaff Goodybag For Someone Else?

Can I put credit on someone elses phone?

You can top up your phone credit by setting up card payments, by using My EE, by text, by phone or in a shop.

You can also top up someone else’s phone online..

How do I top up someone else’s EE pay as you go?

Call uscall 150 free from your EE phone or +44 (0)7953 966 250 from any other phone.choose Top up from the options and follow the instructions.

Do giffgaff goody bags roll over?

No sorry giffgaff goodybags allowances do not roll over the goodybag bundle will last a calendar month e.g 30 days. After the month it will simply expire and any remaining allowances on the goodybag will also be removed.

What happens if I run out of data on giffgaff?

The data stops working but will be charged off any credit you have on the phone. If there no credit, the data will not work.

Can I top up someone elses phone Vodafone?

How can I top up someone else’s phone? You may top up someone else’s Vodaphone mobile on Vodafone’s online TopUp portal, or when Activating a voucher. You can also set up an automatic or recurring top-up on a friend’s or a family member’s phone.

How do I put credit on someone elses phone?

This is a very convenient way of transferring credit, without applying the voucher to your own account.Dial *125# send.Dial *125*1876number#send. You can add the credit to your number or a friend or family member.Dial *125*Voucher Number#send.You will receive a message advising that the recharge is in progress.

How do I transfer my lime credit from one phone to another?

To transfer credit customers can simply dial *128* plus the 10-digit mobile number they are sending the credit to and the credit amount being sent followed by the number sign, eg *128*phonenumber*amount#.

Are giffgaff phones unlocked to any network?

Are giffgaff phones locked to giffgaff? All phones are unlocked, ready for any UK network’s SIM. We think you should be free to do what you like with your phone, and so every phone you buy from giffgaff is completely unlocked and will stay that way.

Can I buy a new Goodybag on giffgaff?

Yes, you can buy another goodybag and queue it. “On your dashboard under your goodybag details you should see an option to start your 4G queued goodybag early. Just click and confirm you want to get rid of the active goodybag and the process will be set in motion.”

Can I top up someone else’s phone giffgaff?

In order to topup someone else’s account, go to Credit can only be added from a debit/credit card, not from airtime credit. Alternatively, it is possible to top up any number with a voucher by dialling #31#43430 and entering the mobile number of the account to add the topup to.

Can I buy a giffgaff phone without a Goodybag?

If you’re already a giffgaff member with a active giffgaff sim card you are able to order a phone without the need to buy a goodybag. … However, if you’re not a giffgaff member and don’t have active giffgaff SIM you will need to buy a goodybag at least once with the mobile.

How long does a giffgaff Goodybag last?

one monthA goodybag lasts one month, so that’s 28, 29, 30 or 31 days depending on the month. If you do not have an active goodybag at the point of purchasing one, the goodybag will last for one month (as above) plus the remainder of the day of purchase.

Can you top up someone else’s mobile?

There are several ways you can top up your phone or somebody else’s: … Text – from the phone you want to top up, text 2345 with TOPUP plus the amount you want to add and the last four digits of your payment card. To take TOPUP 10 1234 as an example, this would add £10 to someone’s account using a card ending in 1234.

Can you top up someone else’s phone o2?

Just call O2 customer service and tell them which phone you wish to top up with your card and they will clear the card history for you and register the phone against the card.

Can I change my giffgaff Goodybag?

Easy peasy. Pop over to “my payments” and you can change your recurring goodybag, turn off recurring, or turn it on again.

Why is GiffGaff so cheap?

GiffGaff is cheap, like it is because of the main reasons being.. there is no call centers, very little staff are getting paid for their work – due to it being an all -internet based-!

Do Giff Gaff buy phones?

Whatever the case, the giffgaff Marketplace will repurpose or recycle old smartphones in the most responsible way possible. So what are you waiting for? Head over to and sell your old phone now.

How do I top up using a voucher?

To top-up by voucher, select Top-up with a voucher and enter the 16-digit number printed across the receipt. Once you’ve entered the voucher code, your account will be topped up. To top-up by credit or debit card, you’ll need to register a credit or debit card first.

Can I start a new giffgaff Goodybag early?

You can buy a new goodybag early through the app or on your dashboard once you have less than 100MB left in your current goodybag. Or you can use pay as you go credit to stay connected. If you’ve run out before the month is up, you may want to try a goodybag with more data.

How do I top up someone else’s phone on 3?

Anyone can top up a Three customer online, simply visit our Instant Top Up page.Enter and confirm the phone number you want to top up (ensure you have the right number).Choose the top up amount, and follow the instructions.